School degree

Some of the goals of the educational program of the MQA are to share the pleasure of sciences and the importance of the conservation of our ecosystems.

Based on the pleasure to learn, our approach is base on game, exploration, manipulation and experiment. Pointe-du-Buisson is a unique place of discoveries, where the young can give free rein to their imagination and where they can exercise their critical faculty.

Live the experience of the MQA allows the teaching personnel to complete the school offer in a playful and concrete way.

Our educational program is constantly updated to meet the requirements of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec.

For more information or reservation, please contact us at 450 429-7857  or by email:

Elementary – 1st cycle

Caution, archaeologist in action!

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Elementary – 2nd cycle

No digging for dinos!

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Elementary – 3rd cycle

Dig into archaeological diggings!

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High School – 1st cycle

The archaeological adventure

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High School – 2nd ycle

Observers in the great outdoor

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