The Museum collections

The archaeological collection

(Approximately 99 % of the collection)

Artefacts constituting this collection result only from archaeological sites of Pointe-du-Buisson. They were collected since the 1960s during various professional archaeological activities. Objects discovered on the sites of Pointe-du-Buisson cover several periods: from the Archaic to the 20th century. All the artefacts of the archaeological collection of Pointe-du-Buisson are accompanied with a complete archival documentation of searches including catalogue, report, photos and plans. Moreover, this documentation paper / photo is kept in the reserve and constitutes an inseparable complement.

Some artefacts of this collection

The ethnological collection

(Less than 1%)

Previously named Collection histoire régionale, this collection includes about twenty objects relating to the historic occupation of Pointe-du-Buisson, to the fishing in the region and to the themes related to the regional history. These objects do not result from archaeological context but constitute donations made by private individuals, more than 20 years ago. They document generally the 20th century.

Some artefacts of this collection

The iconographic collection

(Less than 1%)

This collection includes some original drafts, created at the request of the Museum and illustrating scenes of the prehistoric life. The iconographic collection of Pointe-du-Buisson also includes several reproductions of old photographs related to the historic activities of the site.

Some pictures of this collection

The paleontological collection

(Less than 1%)

The paleontological collection of the museum includes about sixty fossils and fossil traces documenting the regional Cambrian period. Just like the archaeological collection, it was the object of a cataloguing. All the paleontological specimens are in the exhibition and considering their size and impressive weights, they are outside of the Museum or in the Hall designed to welcome them. None of the specimens of the paleontological collection results from Pointe-du-Buisson.

Some fossils of this collection

Besides these collections, the MQA also possesses an educational collection constituted by costumes, reproductions of tools and by utilitarian objects which are of use for the educational activities or for animation.